All services of Public Worship in the High Wycombe Circuit have been suspended for the foreseeable future.

Marlow Methodist Church are offering services online. You can follow the link from the Marlow Methodist Church web site

There are other services on their facebook pages  at: 

Wesley is also offering services online at this link. Wesley Service

You can watch a live streamed worship service from Wesley's Chapel here (starts 11.00am every Sunday) 

If you want something daily you can listen to the BBC Daily Service here

There are four different styles of worship offered via the Methodist Church web site:

Wesley's Chapel London who will live-stream from the chapel (the Minister lives on the premises) at 11.00am
Swan Bank Methodist Church in Burslem, this worship will be studio based - 10.30am
Methodist Central Hall Westminster Sundays at 11.00
Sthie ('At home') To join in a very different worship experience, try Sthie ('At home') from the Isle of Man at 10.30am. Join in live on Sundays by joining a Facebook group.